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Chimes (Soul Rejoicing)

Chimes (Soul Rejoicing)

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1. Soul Rejoicing
Voicing: S(S)A(A)T(T)B(B) with Three Percussionists
By Valery Gavrilin

Soul Rejoicing opens with the stormy image of a band of horsemen riding fiercely in the darkness of a moonless night. Thus, with the sounds of pounding hooves and riders' shouts, begins Perezvony (Chimes), Valery Gavrilin's monumental multi-movement composition subtitled "On Reading V. Shukshyn Miracle Play-Choral Symphony." Emotionally charged and rhythmically driven from the start, this movement continues to build with excitement and tension through Gavrilin's brilliant use of choral texture, dynamics, and extended melodic lines. The text, written in the style of Russian folklore by the composer himself, doesn't tell a story per se, rather it provides textual colors and strong images through many tongue-twisting, onomatopoeic word combinations such as "tuchi letuchie" (oppressive clouds), "slyozy solenye" (salty tears), "dushi palyonye" (scorched souls), etc. Dur.: 7'
Chimes (Ti Ri Ri)
Product #: CB9328