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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

5+: 6.39 ea.
10+: 5.99 ea.
75+: 5.59 ea.


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25 Anniversay Edition
Arrangers: Greg Nelson, Karen Dean Fry

When it was first released 25 years ago, we really had no way of knowing how successful this fun, innovative and heartfelt children's musical might be. 25 years later, we now know it to be one of the best-selling children's musicals of all time! So here, on its 25th Anniversary, we proudly re-release it to an entirely new generation of kids who are still going to be asking, "Has anybody here seen Grace?"

Songs include: Has Anybody Here Seen Grace? • Let Us Go to the House of the Lord • Grace is Alive and Well • Supernatural • Grace Is Bigger • Let's Say Grace • The Grace Place • Vitamin "G" • Don't Go to Work Without Grace • Isn't It Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace (CD)
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Amazing Grace (Acc. CD)
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Amazing Grace (Fun Pack)
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Amazing Grace (Bulletins)
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Amazing Grace (Posters)
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Amazing Grace (Promo Pak)
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