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Victory (SATB) Choral Book

Victory (SATB) Choral Book

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Arranger Marty Parks
The Proclamation of Easter
A 4 Song Musical Presentation for Resurrection Sunday

VICTORY! The Proclamation of Easter is the new 4-Song Musical Presentation for Resurrection Sunday from Word Music & Church Resources, created by the inimitable Marty Parks.

Designed to meet the needs of almost every choir-blended, traditional, or contemporary-VICTORY! is the perfect assemblage of songs and narration (especially in a year when Easter comes early on the calendar!) for choirs with limited rehearsal time, or when you need a musical that allows plenty of time for the Pastor to deliver an Easter message following your special musical presentation. Celebrate Easter this year with your Choir and Congregation in your presentation of VICTORY! The Proclamation of Easter!

VICTORY! features four songs, comprised of original compositions by Marty Parks-including a fresh, new re-write of the great Easter hymn, "Christ Arose (Up from the Grave He Arose)"-plus the popular, new contemporary worship title song by David Crowder, "My Victory" ideal combination of traditional and contemporary melded together in a sensitive, worshipful, yet powerfully triumphant declaration of love, adoration, and praise to our risen Lord!

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