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Conducting Seminars



Those who have attended Dr. Bonner’s seminars describe their experience as “challenging”, “inspirational”, “stretching”, “life-changing”, “a week of unbelievable growth.”  As conductors return to their schools and churches, they begin to develop a changed choir, which sounds better, sings with greater feeling and understanding, and demonstrates increased respect and appreciation for the conductor.

Dr. Judd Bonner, Dean of the School of Music at California Baptist University, will participate as an additional clinician at the June Seminar in Riverside.  He conducts the CBU University Choir and Orchestra and teaches Advanced Conducting and Master’s Conducting I and II at the University.

Join the more than 700 conductors who have studied with Dr. Bonner, some of whom return year after year.  It is an intense week with 50 hours of video-taped, personalized conducting instruction, a class size which is limited to 22, and introduction to 50 of the year’s best new choral selections.

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Hear the voices of those who have participated in the Conducting Seminars: 

“As a seminar student of Dr. Bonner’s choral conducting seminars over the  last 10 years, I have experienced an educational process that continues to
refine and invigorate my approach to choral music, relationships with
instrumental and vocal musicians, and church music ministry. Incidentally,
with the opportunity to collaborate with other conductors from across the
country, each seminar also delivers a forum in which new and relevant
understandings of today’s choirs are revealed as current experiences are
shared. Moreover, Dr. Bonner has an innate ability to work with and train
conductors at all levels of experience, providing conductors a platform that
is personalized, thereby enabling conductors with the knowledge and skill
set to propel their choral conducting career beyond the imaginable. Whether
you’re leading a school choir of any academic level, community chorus or a
church choir of any size – from small group praise teams to several hundred
singers, Dr. Bonner’s choral conducting seminar is scaled such that you’re
enhanced with the tools necessary to progress in the music-making process.
Each seminar is filled with indescribable energy that is dynamic and
Steven Kirkpatrick, Founder and Conductor of Central Texas Master Singers, Belton, Texas, and Director of Music at Grace United Methodist Church, Copperas Cove, Texas
 “Yearly, throughout a full music and ministry career, I’ve sought exceptional mentoring and to be part of very most engaging musical experiences, those that have energized and have inspired and propelled me forward in music and ministry …all to give God glory.  It is a life pursuit to find and to know the best choral music, and how to conduct and lead it well …to conduct better each time when standing before the choir and the congregation.  What a joy it is!
 Dr. Bonner is a trusted source of great encouragement.  For many consecutive years he has become my unofficial continuing education music teacher of choral music: Conducting and Leadership with a capitol “L”.  Doc has unique and well proven depth of experience in leadership, conducting, musicianship, and excellence in performance, spanning several decades up into this present season. If you’ve had formal conducting, and if you are open, there’s always more to practice and to hone-up.  Skill development is an ongoing life process.
Very notably, Doc’s remarkable rapport with choir, the audience, the congregation, is powerful, dynamic, strong, engaging, inviting, fun, and he has an easy presence with group connection.  Doc relates in a way that people desire. Great music flies up from his hands, his face and eyes, and it then flies up from the singers, (and the orchestra!), and the crowd gets it. I believe each of us want that in our own choral setting.  It is exciting to keep learning and to make great music… well into our 60’s as well as at the beginning in our teens and 20’s. Doc’s relational coaching principles have changed my life for the better.  Keep dreaming the dream for you and your people! ”   

Steve Maricle, Worship Pastor, First Baptist Church, Eugene, OR

 “Dr. Bonner’s unique approach to the physical aspects of conducting produces a dramatic difference in choral sound, and the music used in the seminar was the most outstanding collection of pieces for church choirs I have ever seen.  The greatest impact, though, was not technical, but spiritual.  I came home with a new sense of direction, a new motivation in being a one-person-at-a-time conductor/minister on a day-by-day basis, and a renewed joy in the art of choral music as an expression of genuine worship.”
Tommy Havens, First Baptist Church, Russellville, AR
“Dr. Bonner’s conducting seminars have been instrumental in not only my growth as a conductor of college students, but in the development of my own leadership style.  Every seminar has come with valuable lessons that I have been able to apply in areas of relationship building, leadership, entrepreneurship & growth, and recruiting strategies.”  
Tom Ruscica, Division Chair, Music & Creative Arts; Music Department Chair; William Jessup University, Rocklin, CA
“I have attended Doctor Bonner’s conducting seminars for the past 25 years, and I highly recommend these seminars to any choir director.  Each time I attend I learn (or re-learn) aspects of conducting that have benefited the choir I direct.  The seminars are challenging but always rewarding. Doctor Bonner has a unique ability to help conductors become aware of problem areas and make improvements.  He has a genuine heart for people and wants each director to be successful and effective.   Many of the songs that my choir performs are those that we sang and directed during the conducting seminars.  The seminars have been a source of encouragement and personal growth because many of the aspects of effective choral conducting have applications that relate to effective living.  Attending these seminars has been an important source of spiritual growth for me personally.  Another benefit from the conducting seminars is the relationships that I’ve developed with other seminar attendees.   I always look forward to attending the seminars to grow and learn as a conductor, to learn wonderful songs, and renew old friendships and make new ones.  Other results of the conducting seminars: 1)    After attending many of the conducting seminars, audiences consistently comment on the good diction of my choir;  2) My choir members have become stronger sight-readers; 3) I’ve obtained ideas to improve the pace and format of rehearsals; 4) The seminars are a wonderful source of new anthems; 5) Doctor Bonner discusses practical ideas to help accompanists improvise and improve.”  
Bruce Cochran, Director, East Valley Chorale, Mesa, AZ
 “Your methods and techniques have restored the joy of choral music and choral conducting within my very soul. I simply call it a personal, spiritual, and musical revival.”
Merril Smoak, Jr., Trinity Baptist Church, Livermore, CA


June 19 – 23, 2017
 California Baptist University
8432 Magnolia Ave.
Riverside, CA 92504-3206
Dr. Gary Bonner
August 14 – 18, 2017
Alderwood Community Church
3403 Alderwood Mall Blvd.
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Dr. Gary Bonner
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Registration Fee: $595