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What Kind of Throne (Choral Book) SATB

What Kind of Throne (Choral Book) SATB

5+: 7.16 ea.
10+: 6.71 ea.
75+: 6.26 ea.


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Choral Book
A Christmas Musical of Worship & Wonder
Created by Tony Wood & Michael Farren
Arranged & Orchestrated by Cliff Duren

"It was a moment like none other in heaven. One night in history, one instant in time, God the Son, Who existed always and forever in perfect communion with God the Father, was preparing to step from Heaven onto the earth below..."

The Integrity Music Choral Series, in association with Word Music & Church Resources, presents WHAT KIND OF THRONE, a new Christmas Musical of Wonder and Worship, created by Michael Farren, Tony Wood and Cliff Duren.

Epic soundscapes, complex textures, Biblically-sound and poetic lyrics, thoughtprovoking narrative and more, all combine to inform and inspire this freshly constructed Christmas service for Worship Choir, Worship Team, Soloists, Narrators, Band and Orchestra. Deeply moving songs create a beautiful atmosphere of worship as we celebrate the advent of the newborn King, our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

"Our Savior, from before the beginning of time, loved us and planned to redeem us. The highest King chose to come to the lowest place. This holiday season, may we stand in wonder of the One Who came, pursuing us. May we worship Him with great joy and celebration...the Holy One who humbled come to us."

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