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Spotlight a Cappella (SATB Choral Book)

Spotlight a Cappella  (SATB Choral Book)

5+: 7.16 ea.
10+: 6.71 ea.
75+: 6.26 ea.


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8 Vocal Arrangements for Mixed Voices
Arranged by Cliff Duren and David Wise

Hearing just one gifted voice sing an inspired piece of music can be a glorious, moving experience. Hearing it accompanied by musical instruments played by skillful musicians can be even more exciting. But...put together a group of exceptional Human Voices, joined in perfect harmony, skillfully arranged and executed, and a cappella music can take us to even greater heights of musical expression, soul-stirring emotion, and musical appreciation!

The music in this book acts as a SPOTLIGHT illuminating the brilliance and exceptional qualities of the Human Voice, made even more brilliant and exceptional by virtue of the fact that these songs magnify and glorify God. SPOTLIGHT features a group of voices weaving a tapestry of sound and movement, textures and lyrics…spotlighting the Human Voice, yes, but even more significantly, spotlighting the One Who created those voices and gave us the gift of all music!

Arranged by gifted arrangers Cliff Duren and David Wise (both of whom have their own special love of a cappella music!), SPOTLIGHT is both balanced and diverse in its content, including Hymns, Worship Songs, CCM Songs, Christmas and Patriotic Songs, being done in traditional a cappella styles and in the fresh, contemporary style of groups like Pentatonix.

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